Inversionario Adds Spanish Retirement Calculators to Website

Inversionario Adds Spanish Retirement Calculators to Website

Miami, Florida May 10, 2011– is very excited to announce the addition of three new Spanish language Retirement Planning calculators to its website designed to help the Hispanic community better plan for their retirement, for free.


First, Inversionario is adding a retirement planning calculator that determines how much one needs to save each year in order to maintain their current lifestyle upon retirement and reach their retirement goals.  To calculate how much you need to save each year, you simply input your current retirement savings as well as the amount you would like to have at retirement.  The latter should be a figure that provides you with a comfortable standard of living similar to your current lifestyle.  Finally, include the number of years you have left until you reach retirement, and click on “Calculate!”  The calculator provides you with an estimate as to what you need to save each year in order to reach your retirement goals.


Next, Inversionario has added a calculator that estimates how much one’s Roth IRA account will be worth upon their retirement.  The Roth IRA calculator is important for ensuring that you will be able to continue maintaining your current lifestyle when you are no longer working. This calculator is very easy to use- input the current value of your Roth IRA, the amount you contribute each year, the number of years left until retirement, and the expected rate of return.  The calculator will then provide you with an estimate of what your Roth IRA will be worth at your retirement.


Finally, Inversionario has added a 401k calculator, where, much like the Roth IRA calculator, the user can determine how much money they will have in their 401k if they invest a certain amount of their income, combined with their employer’s contribution each year until they have reached retirement age.


“We are very excited about the addition of these calculators to Inversionario,” states Antonio Regojo, CEO of Inversionario, LLC.  “It is important that every Hispanic have sufficient money saved for retirement to be sure that they can maintain their current standard of living in the future and not find themselves in a difficult situation during their later years.  With that in mind, the calculators are useful tools that mark only the beginning of one’s retirement planning process.”


Inversionario will continue offering its customers free high quality financial education tools to ensure that Hispanics gain the information necessary to make sound financial decisions and to properly prepare for retirement.   Look for the release of new calculators and tools in the near future!


For more information on Inversionario, please visit, or contact us at


About Inversionario, LLC:


Inversionario is a financial education website aimed at the Hispanic community.  The site’s purpose is to encourage and educate a new generation of investors into making sound financial decisions while avoiding common investing mistakes.  Through a series of articles, a Spanish-English financial dictionary and a virtual trading game, Inversionario facilitates financial education and a proper understanding of the market.  By offering all of this information for free, Inversionario is able to increase the accessibility of financial education to anyone that has access to the internet.


From basic concepts such as opening bank accounts and starting a savings account, to more complex issues such as debt management, investing in the stock market or saving for retirement, Inversionario aims to explain as much as possible so that you can become an intelligent investor, better grow your money and secure your financial future. Inversionario covers a number of topics, including investing in the stock market, banking, loans and debt, mutual funds, options, bonds, and saving for retirement.  Only through a well rounded financial education will Hispanics be prepared to control their financial future.


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